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“My Wife and the Glory Hole” by Derek Cage – MMF

Can’t wait to read this to hubby! Thanks, in advance! 🙂

Sir Robert's Stories

Glory hole

My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcher of margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided that neither of us should be driving. Instead we decided to walk around the city.

Several blocks away, we came across an adult arcade/bookstore and I kidded her about going inside. She had never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop her? The store was rather crowded with about a dozen men and two other couples. Everyone looked fairly normal. Most of the single men were looking at magazines and rental movies.

Sensing her nervousness, we joined the other couples in the rather tame section containing lotion, novelties and cards…

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 September 30, 2014                                       


     I was sitting at my computer yesterday, wracking my brain for a

topic that would interest you, I was at a total loss than the phone

rang, it was my husband. “Hey, glad you called, are you on your way

home? Can you bring me a pack of smokes?” I asked. “No, still

working,” he replied. Than he went on to explain the reason for his


     He had taken pics of me the other night, wearing a skin tight black

pleather cat-woman suit, that I had worn a couple of Halloweens ago

and he had used one of those pics as his wallpaper on his cell. He

wanted to know if I would let him keep it as his wallpaper. His exact

words were, “I’ll delete it, if you want me to, but please let me keep

it!”  (more…)

“A Day at the Beach” by Otis Holmes – MMF

My husband & I have got to hit that beach!! Very sexy story, thanks for sharing.

Sir Robert's Stories


It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends. Around 10 as she was getting ready to leave her friend Mary called to say that she couldn’t make it, her son had come down with the flu and she had better stay home with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like July and August people are in vacation mode and if you can reach anyone they’re really not focused. “What the hell,” I thought, “I’ll take Anne to the beach, it’ll be a nice little get a way.”

I thought I’d take her to this little nude beach I learned about while chatting…

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